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Google Markdown

Authors: Nick Strayer & Lucy D'Agostino McGowan

License: MIT

Create collaborative R Markdown files in Google Docs and render them in R.



Load GMD



Until we build our own authentication, use the lovely Jenny Bryans:

token <- googlesheets::gs_auth()

Copy the URL you see when editing your Google Doc & use our function GMD to render it as an .Rmd file. For example:

edit_url <- ""
my_doc <- GMD(doc = edit_url, token)

By default, this will add a .Rmd file to your current working directory. If you would like to change this location, you can use the setwd() command.

If you would like it to update continuously


If you are into pipes

edit_url <- ""
edit_url %>%
 GMD(token) %>%
 render_doc(output_format = "html_document")

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