Man pages for LuisLauM/ruisu
Tools for habitual tasks (and another fancy things) at IMARPE.

acAbbreviation for 'as.character'
addAuthorAdd artist name to (music) file
addCoordsAxesAdd labels for XY axis on a map
addInfoFilenameAdd extra info to file
addTextBoxAdd a box with a text inside
AIPData_new'data.frame' with new (corrected) AIP information.
AIPData_old'data.frame' with old (original) AIP information.
AIPShapefile_new'shapefile' with new (corrected) AIP information.
AIPShapefile_old'shapefile' with old (original) AIP information.
anAbbreviation for 'as.numeric'
ancAbbreviation for 'as.numeric(as.character(x))'
barPercentagePretty customizable barplot
bathymetry'data.frame' with topographic information.
brokenBarplotMake a barplot with a broken Y axis
centroidAssignerReturns centroid values from grid codes.
coastline'data.frame' with coordinates of the eastern side of the...
coastlineBuffer_m'SpatialPolygonsDataFrame' object with a buffer in meters of...
coastlineBuffer_nm'SpatialPolygonsDataFrame' object with a buffer in nautical...
counterZOOLaboratory Counter simulator
digitsumReturns sum of digit from number
envirScenarios'data.frame' with environmental scenarios given by IGP
getAIPInfoExtract info from AIP codes
getCoordsAxesEasy way to get the labels of coordinates from a vector.
getEnvirDataGet environmental info from lon-lat-time data frame
getHarborGet harbor information from name
getProportionGet proportions from table
harborData'data.frame' with information of the main Peruvian harbors
isNearCoastDetermine the proximity to coast of points
lengthFrequencyPlotGiven a frequency table size, it generates a vertical array...
makeWindPlotPlot typical wind arrows from wind velocity data
minDistanceToCoastGet the minumim distance to coast
month.abb_spanish'charcater' vector with the three-letter abbreviations for...
month.name_spanish'charcater' vector with names of months in Spanish.
movingAverageCalculate the moving average for a numeric vector
newYearCurious way to show a message.
notebanks_ATMATM banknotes' optimizer algorithm
paralelMapsFunction for pltting Parallel maps
peruvianGrid.assignerWrapper function peruvianGrid.assigner
plotIsoparalitoralPlot Isoparalitoral shapes
prepareProjFolderEasy way to prepare a folder for a typical R Project
progressBarMake a progress bar
randomRectanglesDraw colorful squares
ruisu-packageTools for habitual tasks (and another fancy things) at IMARPE
sillyTestFunctions for making an interactive test
speciesInfo'data.frame' with main information about some Peruvian...
surveyTrackSimulate points for a survey track
testExample'list' with a test inspired on Harry Potter books.
zigguratCreatorCreates a zigurat matrix
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