API for MI2DataLab/survxai
Visualization of the Local and Global Survival Model Explanations

Global functions
ceteris_paribus Man page
explain Man page
explain.default Man page
model_performance Man page
pbcTrain Man page
plot.surv_ceteris_paribus_explainer Man page
plot.surv_explainer Man page
plot.surv_model_performance_explainer Man page
plot.surv_prediction_breakdown_explainer Man page
plot.surv_variable_response_explainer Man page
prediction_breakdown Man page
print.surv_ceteris_paribus_explainer Man page
print.surv_explainer Man page
print.surv_model_performance_explainer Man page
print.surv_prediction_breakdown_explainer Man page
print.surv_variable_response_explainer Man page
theme_mi2 Man page
variable_response Man page
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