Man pages for MalathiSIDona/pathDESeq
Pathway-Based Differential Expression Analysis for RNA-Seq Data

adj2matConvert adjacency list into an adjacency matrix.
BioGRID.tableBioGRID gene interaction information
calc.ldpoisCalculate the logarithm of Poisson probability mass function
CRC.dataA RNA-Seq gene expression data set for colorectal cancer
data1065Simulated RNA-Seq data
dr.matCalculate the log likelihood using Gaussian quadrature method...
estDEEstimate Differential Expression states
getTableAddressingGet the adjacency list addressing template.
neib1065Neighbourhood matrix for 1065 genes
neibMatCreate the neighbourhood matrix
pathDESeq-packagePathway-Based Differential Expression Analysis for RNA-Seq...
pgbEstPoisson-Gamma-Beta model parameter estimation
pgbmrfICMFunction to perform PGBMRF model
Reactome24.HsReactome pathway information for Homo sapiens
Reactome6.HsReactome pathway genes list for 6 selected Homo sapiens...
Reactome.genesReactome pathway gene list
state1065Simulated Differential Expression states for 1065 genes
symmetricizeMake a matrix symmetric
ttestPerform two independent sample t test
ur.matCalculate the log likelihood using Gaussian quadrature method...
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