Man pages for MarcLavielle/Rsmlx
R Speaks 'Monolix'

bootmlxBootstrapping - case resampling
buildAllAutomatic complete statistical model building
buildmlxAutomatic statistical model building
buildVarAutomatic model variance building
confintmlxConfidence intervals for population parameters
covariateSearchCovariate model building
GetEstimatedCovarianceMatrixGet estimated covariance and correlation matrices
getEstimatedIndividualParameters2Get estimated individual and population parameters
getEstimatedPredictionsGet estimated predictions
getEstimatedResidualsGet estimated residuals
getSimulatedPredictionsGet simulated predictions
getSimulatedResidualsGet simulated residuals
initRsmlxInitialize Rsmlx library
pkbuildAutomatic PK model building
pkpopiniCompute initial population PK parameters
readDatamlxRead formatted data file
resMonolixMonolix results
RsmlxDemo1.projectMonolix project for warfarin PK - 1
RsmlxDemo2.projectMonolix project for warfarin PK - 2
setSettingsEasy tuning of the settings of a Monolix project
testmlxStatistical tests for model assessment
warfarin.datawarfarin PKPD data
whichPKmodelFind a Monolix PK model
writeDataSmlxWrite Simulx Dataset
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