Man pages for MarioniLab/cydar
Using Mass Cytometry for Differential Abundance Analyses

countCellsCount cells in high-dimensional space
createColorBarCreate a color bar
CyDataCyData class and methods
dnaGateGate events based on DNA channels
expandRadiusExpand the hypersphere radius
findFirstSphereIdentifies the first non-redundant hyperspheres
intensityRangesDefine intensity ranges
interpretSpheresInteractive interpretation of hyperspheres
labelSpheresLabel unannotated hyperspheres
medIntensitiesCompute median marker intensities
neighborDistancesCompute distances to neighbors
normalizeBatchNormalize intensities across batches
outlierGateCreate an outlier gate
pickBestMarkersPick best markers
plotSphereIntensityPlot cell or hypersphere data
plotSphereLogFCPlot changes in hypersphere abundance
poolCellsPool cells for pre-processing
prepareCellDataPrepare mass cytometry data
spatialFDRCompute the spatial FDR
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