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Google Analytics API into R

authDropdownauthDropdown [Shiny Module]
authDropdownUIauthDropdown UI [Shiny Module]
BatchRunReportsRequestBatchRunReportsRequest Object
BetweenFilterBetweenFilter Object
cohortCohort object
cohort_dimension_checkCheck the request has cohort dimensions
cohortGroupCohort Group object
cohort_metric_checkCheck the request has cohort metrics
date_ga4Make a date object
DimensionDimension Object
DimensionExpressionDimensionExpression Object
dimension_ga4Make a dimension object
DimensionOrderByDimensionOrderBy Object
dim_fil_ga4-class'dim_fil_ga4' class.
dim_filterMake a dimension filter object
dim_ga4-class'dim_ga4' class.
dynamicSegmentDynamic Segment v4 object
dynamicSegment_ga4-class'dynamicSegment_ga4' class.
EntityEntity Object
fetch_google_analytics_4Fetch multiple GAv4 requests
fetch_google_analytics_4_slowFetch GAv4 requests one at a time
Filter_awFilter Object
filter_clause_ga4Make a dimension or metric filter clause object
filter_clauses_ga4-class'.filter_clauses_ga4' class.
FilterExpressionFilterExpression Object
FilterExpressionListFilterExpressionList Object
ga_account_listAccount summary for all accounts available to your user
ga_accountsList account metadata
ga_adwordsGet AdWords Link meta data
ga_adwords_add_linkidCreates a Google Analytics webProperty-Google Ads link
ga_adwords_delete_linkidDeletes a Google Analytics webProperty-Google Ads link
ga_adwords_listList AdWords
ga_aggregateAggregate a Google Analytics dataframe over inputted columns
ga_allowed_metric_dimCreate named list of allowed GA metrics/dimensions
ga_authAuthenticate with Google Analytics OAuth2
ga_auth_setupSetup wizard for authentication options
ga_aw_filterCreate a filter for use within App+Web filter expressions
ga_aw_filter_exprCreate a filter expression for use with App+Web Reports
ga_cache_callSetup caching of API calls
ga_clientid_activityUser Activity Request
ga_clientid_activity_unnestUnnest user activity columns
ga_clientid_deletionCreate or update a user deletion request
ga_clientid_hashGet hashed version of client id (also known as hashClientId,...
ga_custom_datasourceList Custom Data Sources
ga_custom_uploadCustom Data Source Upload Status
ga_custom_upload_deleteDeletes custom upload files for a given ids vector
ga_custom_upload_fileUpload data to Google Analytics
ga_custom_upload_listList Custom Data Source Uploads
ga_custom_varsGet Custom Dimensions or Metrics
ga_custom_vars_createCreate a custom dimension
ga_custom_vars_listList Custom Dimensions or Metrics
ga_custom_vars_patchModify a custom dimension
ga_dataGoogle Analytics Data for GA4 (App+Web)
ga_data_filterFilter DSL for GA4 filters
ga_experimentExperiments Meta data
ga_experiment_listList Experiments
ga_filterGet specific filter for account
ga_filter_addCreate a new filter and add it to the view (optional).
ga_filter_apply_to_viewApply an existing filter to view.
ga_filter_deleteDelete a filter from account or remove from view.
ga_filter_listList filters for account
ga_filter_updateUpdates an existing filter.
ga_filter_update_filter_linkUpdate an existing profile filter link. Patch semantics...
ga_filter_viewGet specific filter for view (profile)
ga_filter_view_listList filters for view (profile)
ga_goalGet goal
ga_goal_addCreate a new goal.
ga_goal_listList goals
ga_goal_updateUpdates an existing goal.
ga_metaGet current dimensions and metrics available in GA API.
ga_modelUse a model function created by ga_model_make
ga_model_editEdit a created ga_model
ga_model_exampleLoad an example model
ga_model_loadLoad a created model
ga_model_makeModelling function factory for Google Analytics data
ga_model_saveSave a created model
ga_model_tweetUpload an interactive visualisation so it can be embedded in...
ga_model_writeWrite the ga_model functions to a file
ga_remarketing_buildCreate a remarketing audience for creation
ga_remarketing_createCreate a new remarketing audience
ga_remarketing_estimateEstimate number of users added to the segment yesterday
ga_remarketing_getGet a remarketing audience
ga_remarketing_listList remarketing audiences
ga_segment_listGet segments user has access to
ga_unsampledGet Unsampled Report Meta Data
ga_unsampled_downloadDownload Unsampled Report from Google Drive. You must be...
ga_unsampled_listList Unsampled Reports
ga_users_addCreate or update user access to Google Analytics
ga_users_deleteDelete all user access for an email
ga_users_delete_linkidDelete users access from account, webproperty or view level
ga_users_listList Users
ga_users_updateUpdate a user access in Google Analytics
ga_viewGet single View (Profile)
ga_view_listList View (Profile)
ga_webpropertyGet a web property
ga_webproperty_listList web properties
google_analyticsGet Google Analytics v4 data
google_analytics_3Get Google Analytics v3 data (formerly google_analytics())
google_analytics_4_parsega v4 data parsing
google_analytics_bqGet Google Analytics 360 BigQuery data
google_analytics_bq_asynchAsynch fetch
googleAnalyticsRLibrary for getting Google Analytics data into R
InListFilterInListFilter Object
make_cohort_groupCreate a cohort group
make_ga_4_reqMake a Google Analytics v4 API fetch
makeOrFiltersMake orFiltersForSegment
makePivotDataMake pivot data rows
makePivotNamesMake pivot column names
metaGoogle Analytics API metadata
meta4Google Analytics API metadata
met_fil_ga4-class'met_fil_ga4' class.
met_filterMake a metric filter object
met_ga4-class'met_ga4' class.
MetricMetric Object
metric_ga4Make a metric object
multi_selectmulti_select [Shiny Module]
multi_selectUImulti_select UI [Shiny Module]
NumericFilterNumericFilter Object
OrderByOrderBy Object
order_typeMake an OrderType object
order_type_ga4-class'order_type_ga4' class.
orFiltersForSegment_ga4-class'orFiltersForSegment_ga4' class.
parse_ga_account_summaryNew parse GA account summary
pivot_ga4Make a pivot object
pivot_ga4_parsepivot data parsing
PivotOrderByPivotOrderBy Object
RunReportRequestRunReportRequest Object
segmentBuilderCreate a GAv4 Segment Builder
segmentBuilderUICreate a GAv4 Segment Builder
segmentChainUIsegmentChain UI
segmentDef_ga4-class'segmentDef_ga4' class.
segment_defineMake a segment definition
segmentDefinitionSegment Definition
segment_elementMake a segment element
segmentElementUIA GAv4 segment element row
segmentFilterSegment Filter
segmentFilterClause_ga4-class'segmentFilterClause_ga4' class.
segmentFilter_ga4-class'segmentFilter_ga4' class.
segment_ga4Make a segment object for use
segment_ga4-class'segment_ga4' class.
segmentObj_ga4Segment objects
segmentSequenceStep_ga4-class'segmentSequenceStep_ga4' class.
segment_vector_sequenceMake sequenceSegment
segment_vector_simpleMake a simple segment vector
sequenceSegment_ga4-class'sequenceSegment_ga4' class.
simpleSegmentSimple Segment
simpleSegment_ga4-class'simpleSegment_ga4' class.
StringFilterStringFilter Object
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