Man pages for MatthewHeun/IEATools
Tools for Working with International Energy Agency Data

add_psut_matnamesAdd a column of matrix names to tidy data frame
add_row_col_metaAdd row, column, row type, and column type metadata
adjacent_rownumsFind row numbers for adjacent entries
aggregate_regionsAggregates IEA regions based on a user-defined aggregation...
aggregation_flowsAggregation flows
aggregation_regionsAggregation regions
arrange_iea_fu_allocation_templateArrange the rows and/or columns of a final-to-useful...
arrow_notationArrow notation
augment_iea_dfAugment an IEA data frame
biofuels_and_waste_productsBiofuel and waste products
bracket_notationBracket notation
calc_tidy_iea_df_balancesCalculate balances on a tidy IEA data frame
carnot_efficiencyCalculate Carnot efficiencies from heat types
check_fu_allocation_dataCheck validity of a final-to-useful allocation table
clean_iea_whitespaceClean whitespace from Flow and Product strings
coal_and_coal_productsCoal and coal products
collapse_to_tidy_psutCollapse a tidy data frame of IEA data to a tidy PSUT data...
complete_eta_fu_tableComplete a final-to-useful efficiency table
complete_fu_allocation_tableComplete an FU Allocation table
countriesCountry order
dataData pronoun
default_aggregation_region_table_pathThe path to the default aggregation table
despecify_colRemove specification strings from a column
do_fixPerforms fixes to IEA data
electricity_productsElectricity products
energy_typesEnergy type order
eta_fu_table_completedTell whether a final-to-useful efficiency table has been...
eta_fu_templateFinal-to-useful efficiency template
extend_to_usefulMove an ECC from final to useful as its last stage
extend_to_useful_helperA helper function for extending to the useful energy/exergy...
extract_S_units_from_tidyExtract a unit summation matrix from a tidy data frame
extract_TKExtract temperatures (in Kelvin) from heat types
fap_flowsIEA order for combined flow aggregation point and flow
find_eiou_endFind the point where Energy industry own use ends
find_eiou_startFind the point where Energy industry own use starts
find_supply_consumption_splitFind the split point between Supply and Consumption
find_transformation_endFind the point where Transformation processes end
find_transformation_startFind the point where Transformation processes begin
fix_GHA_industry_electricityImprove IEA Ghana Industry Electricity data from 1974 through...
fix_GHA_psbImprove Ghana Primary solid biofuels data from 1991 through...
fix_tidy_iea_df_balancesFix IEA energy balances
form_C_matsCreate allocation matrices ('C') from an allocation table
form_eta_fu_phi_u_vecsCreate 'eta_fu' and 'phi_u' vectors
from_notationFrom notation
fu_allocation_table_completedTell whether a final-to-useful allocation table has been...
fu_allocation_templateCreate a template for analysis of final-to-useful...
fu_analysis_file_infoFinal-to-useful analysis file information
iea_colsIEA data frame column names
iea_dfLoad IEA data from an extended energy balances .csv file
iea_file_OKPerform quality assurance on a raw IEA data file
industry_flowsIndustry flows
insert_afterInsert after an item in a list
interface_industriesInterface industries
last_stagesLast stage order
ledger_sidesIEA order for ledger side
load_eta_fu_dataLoad final-to-useful machine efficiency data
load_fu_allocation_dataLoad final-to-useful allocation data
load_tidy_iea_dfLoad IEA extended energy balance data into tidy format
manufacturing_flowsManufacturing flows
mat_meta_colsPSUT matrix formation meta information column names
memo_aggregation_flow_prefixesMemo and aggregation flow prefixes
memo_aggregation_product_prefixesMemo and aggregation product prefixes
meta_colsFind metadata columns
methodsMethod order
non_energy_flowsNon-energy flows
non_specified_flowsIEA non-specified flows
of_notationFrom notation
oil_and_oil_productsOil and oil products
other_flowsOther flows
peat_and_peat_productsPeat and peat products
pipePipe operator
prep_psutPrepare for PSUT analysis
primary_coal_productsPrimary coal products
primary_oil_productsPrimary oil products
primary_peat_productsPrimary peat products
prod_tp_eiou_energy_carriersIdentify all energy types supplied or consumed by Production,...
productsIEA order for products
psut_colsPhysical Supply-Use Table (PSUT) data frame column names
read_aggregation_region_tableLoads region aggregation table
remove_agg_memo_flowsRemove aggregation and memo rows from data frames of IEA data
remove_agg_regionsRemove aggregation regions from an IEA data frame
rename_iea_df_colsRename columns of an IEA data frame
renewable_productsRenewable products
replace_join'full_join' with replacement
row_col_typesPSUT matrix row and column types
sample_eta_fu_table_pathThe path to a filled final-to-useful efficiency table
sample_fu_allocation_table_pathThe path to a filled final-to-useful allocation table
sample_iea_data_pathThe path to a sample IEA extended energy balances data file...
secondary_coal_productsSecondary coal products
secondary_oil_productsSecondary oil products
secondary_peat_productsSecondary peat products
slurp_iea_to_raw_dfSlurp an IEA extended energy balance data file
sort_iea_dfSort an IEA data frame in IEA row order
specify_allSpecify all industries
specify_interface_industriesSpecify interface industries
specify_primary_productionSpecify primary production industries
specify_production_to_resourcesConvert Production Flows to Resource Flows
specify_tp_eiouSpecify destinations for energy industry own use flows into...
starts_with_any_ofTell if a string starts with any of a vector of strings
sut_meta_colsPSUT matrix meta information column names
switch-notationChange specification notation
template_colsFinal-to-useful template column names
tfc_compare_flowsTotal final consumption comparison flows
tfc_flowsTotal final consumption flows
tidy_eta_fu_tableTidy a final-to-useful efficiency table
tidy_fu_allocation_tableTidy a final-to-useful allocation table
tidy_iea_dfCreates a tidy IEA data frame
tidy_iea_df_balancedTell whether _all_ rows of a tidy IEA data frame are balanced
tpes_flowsTotal primary energy supply flows
tp_sinks_sourcesFind transformation sinks and sources
tp_sinks_to_nonenergyReassign Transformation process sinks to Non-energy use
transformation_processesTransformation processes
transport_flowsTransport flows
use_iso_countriesReplace country names with 3-letter ISO abbreviations
valid_iea_release_yearsIEA release years supported by this package
write_eta_fu_templateWrite a final-to-useful machine efficiencies template to a...
write_fu_allocation_templateWrite blank final-to-useful templates
year_colsFind year columns
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