Man pages for McCartneyAC/mccrr
Personal R Package

anova_effectCalculate D and F family Effect Sizes for a Univariate ANOVA
calcR2IncreaseCalculate the Percent change in R^2
center_rvCenter a Running Variable
coinflipsFlip a coin a few times
copy_datacopy a dataframe to paste outward
eta_sqCalculate Eta Squared for a Univariate ANOVA
gg_added_varCreate an Added Variable Plot
omega_sqCalculate Omega Squared for a Univariate ANOVA
palprintPrint a palette of colors
paste_dataPaste data from an Excel Spreadsheet
plot_freqPlot Factors by Frequency
plot_modelPlot a simple linear model
stata_summaryOutput Regression Summary in Stata Format
vlookupVlookup a value
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