Man pages for MengjunWu/TCseq
Time course sequencing data analysis

clust.accessorsAccessors to extract slots of a clust class.
clust-classclust class
countReadscount mapped reads overlap genomic intervals
countsExtracts counts of a TCA object.
countsTableAn example read Counts table
DBanalysisPerform differential binding analysis
DBresultThis function performs differetial analysis by fitting read...
experimentAn example experiment design without BAM file infomration
experiment_BAMfileAn example experiment design with BAM file infomration
genomicIntervalsAn example reference genomic regions
peakreferencecombine and merge multiple BED files
TCATCA class and constructor
TCA.accessorsAccessors to extract slots of a TCA class.
tca_ATACAn example TCA object
timeclusttime couse data clustering
timeclustplotPlot clustering results for time course data.
timecourseTableconstructs time course table for clustering analysis
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