Man pages for MikkoVihtakari/MarineDatabase
Export data to Norwegian Polar Institute's marine database

coln_search_wordsA list of search words used to find column names in Excel...
compile_dataCompile data and meta-data to wide format
compile_species_dataCompile species data from ice cores
confirm_species_listConfirm species names from the World Register of Marine...
convert_abundanceCalculate and convert between abundance values for ice core...
convert_datesConvert Excel dates to consistent date formatting
convert_sampling_depthsConvert sampling depths to numeric.
ctd_kongsfjordExample CTD data for Kongsfjorden
ctd_rijpfjordExample CTD data for Rijpfjorden
fix_station_namesMatch station names against standardized station names for...
FSConvert font sizes measured as points to ggplot font sizes
GEARGear types
get_file_extGet file extension
guess_colnameGuess column names from a list of candidates
interleaveInterleave vectors into a single vector
kongsfjord_watermassesWater mass definitions for Kongsfjorden
logRCalculate logarithmic response ratio from a long table
LSConvert line sizes measured as points to ggplot line sizes
make_spabbrMake species abbreviations from latin species names
make_species_listGenerate a species list containing unique levels from a...
merge_zooplankton_dataMerge two ZooplanktonData objects
plot.CDOMdataPlot CDOM data
print.CDOMdataPrint 'CDOMdata' objects
print.MetaDataPrint 'MetaData' objects
print.speciesListPrint 'speciesList' objects
print.ZooplanktonDataPrint 'ZooplanktonData' objects
process_cdom_dataProcess CDOM data from Excel sheets
read_metadataRead meta-data from Excel sheets to NPI database input format
read_zooplankton_dataRead NPI zooplanton data from an Excel sheet
rijpfjord_watermassesWater mass definitions for Rijpfjorden
selectSelect an element of each vector from a list
STATIONSStandardized station names
subset.ZooplanktonDataSubset a ZooplanktonData object
summarize_zooplankton_dataSummarize ZooplanktonData species abundances based on...
TYPESData types
warn_vecReturn character vector elements or length depending on...
ZOOPLStandardized zooplankton species names
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