Man pages for MorphoFun/psa
Phenotypic Selection Analysis tools

BullfrogsReproductive success of male bullfrogs
BumpusFemalesBumpus - Females only
BumpusMalesBumpus - Males only
CichlidBarombiCameroon crater lake cichlids from the Barombi Mbo lake
CichlidEjaghamCameroon crater lake cichlids from the Ejagham lake
dCovEstimating linear and nonlinear selection differentials
DesertPlantsPhenotypic selection in winter annual plants from the Sonoran...
differentialsEstimate phenotypic selection differentials
differentials_bootstatsUse bootstrapping to estimate standard errors and confidence...
FlowersFlower morphology Morrenia brachtephana
FlyCHCPhenotypic selection on _Drosophila serrata_ CHC traits
GallsGall size
glamCalculating gradients based on the Lande-Arnold Method
glamxComparison of selection gradients with different trait...
gradientsEstimating phenotypic selection gradients
gradients_bootstatsUse bootstrapping to estimate standard errors and confidence...
i.AWIntensity of selecion using the selection differential and...
I_totalTotal opportunity for selection
I_traitsPartitioning the opportunity for selection due to individual...
LarvalSquirtsLarvae of sea squirts (_Styela plicata_)
LarvalSquirtsHDLarvae of sea squirts (_Styela plicata_) in high density
LarvalSquirtsLDLarvae of sea squirts (_Styela plicata_) in low density
multiprodMultiple pair-wise products of data
readGitHubRead raw data files that are uploaded on GitHub
summary.glamSummarizing regression models for class 'glam'
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