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The articadatautils package contains code for doing lots of useful stuff that's too specific for the dataone package:

Note: The package is intended to be used by NCEAS staff and may not make much sense to others.


I recommend installing from the latest release (aka tag) instead of from master. Install the latest release with the remotes package:

remotes::install_github("nceas/[email protected]*release")

If you're feeling adventurous, you can install from the bleeding edge:





Note: The test suite contains a set of tests that call out to a remote server and whether or not these tests are run depends on whether is_token_set() returns true which just checks whether the dataone_test_token option is set.

If you don't want to run integration tests:


If you do want to run integration tests

  1. Visit
  2. Log in
  3. Navigate to My Profile > Settings > Authentication Token
  4. Click the "Token for DataONE R" tab
  5. Copy the code snippet
  6. Modify the first line in the snippet below:
options(dataone_test_token = "{YOUR_TOKEN_HERE}") # <- Modify this line

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