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The arcticdatautils package contains code for doing lots of useful stuff that's too specific for the dataone package:

Note: The package is intended to be used by NCEAS staff and may not make much sense to others.


We recommend installing from the latest release (aka tag) instead of from master. Install the latest release with the remotes package:

remotes::install_github("nceas/[email protected]*release")

If you're feeling adventurous, you can install from the bleeding edge:





Note: The test suite contains a set of tests that call out to a remote server and whether or not these tests are run depends on whether is_token_set() returns true which just checks whether the dataone_test_token option is set.

If you don't want to run integration tests:


If you do want to run integration tests

  1. Visit
  2. Log in
  3. Navigate to My Profile > Settings > Authentication Token
  4. Click the "Token for DataONE R" tab
  5. Copy the code snippet
  6. Modify the first line in the snippet below:
options(dataone_test_token = "{YOUR_TOKEN_HERE}") # <- Modify this line

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