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Utilities for the Arctic Data Center

add_additional_identifiersAdd a set of additional identifiers to an EML document.
add_admin_group_accessAdds access to the given System Metadata for the...
add_methods_stepAdds a step to the methods document
add_string_to_titleAdds a string to the title element in the given file.
arcticdatautilsarcticdatautils: Utilities for the Arctic Data Center
change_eml_nameUtility function to extract a name string from an XML...
check_formatCheck that the given format is valid
clear_methodsClear all methods from the document.
clear_replication_policyClear the replication policy from a System Metadata object
convert_iso_to_emlConvert and ISO document to EML using an XSLT.
create_dummy_attributes_dataframeCreate dummy attributes data frame
create_dummy_enumeratedDomain_dataframeCreate dummy enumeratedDomain data frame
create_dummy_objectCreate a test object.
create_dummy_packageCreate a test package.
create_dummy_package_fullCreate dummy package with fuller metadata
create_dummy_parent_packageCreate a test parent package.
create_objectCreate an object from a row of the inventory.
create_resource_mapCreate a resource map Object on a Member Node.
create_sysmetaCreate a sysmeta object.
determine_child_pidsCalculate a set of child PIDs for a given package.
eml_abstractMinimalistic helper function to generate EML abstracts
eml_add_entitiesAdd new entity (otherEntity, dataTable, etc) elements to an...
eml_addressCreate an EML address element.
eml_associated_partyCreate an EML associatedParty
eml_contactCreate an EML contact
eml_creatorCreate an EML creator
eml_individual_nameCreate an EML individualName section
eml_metadata_providerCreate an EML metadataProvider
eml_otherEntity_to_dataTableConvert otherEntities to dataTables
eml_partyLow-level helper for creating EML parties
eml_personnelCreate an EML personnel
eml_projectCreate an eml-project section.
eml_validate_attributesValidate an EML attributeList attribute-by-attribute
env_getenvironment.R Author: Bryce Mecum <[email protected]>
env_loadLoad environmental variables from a YAML-formatted...
extract_local_identifierExtract the local identifier for an ACADIS ISO metadata XML...
filter_obsolete_pidsFilters PIDs that are obsolete.
filter_packaging_statementsFilter statements related to packaging
find_newest_objectFind the newest (by dateUploaded) object within a given set...
find_newest_resource_mapGet the resource map(s) for the given object.
fix_bad_enumFix a metadata record with a bad topicCategory.
fix_bad_topicFix a metadata record with multiple MD_TopicCategory children...
format_emlHelper function to generate the EML 2.1.1 format ID.
generate_resource_mapCreate a resource map RDF/XML file and save is to a temporary...
generate_resource_map_pidGenerate a PID for a new resource map by appending...
get_all_versionsGet the PIDs of all versions of an object.
get_current_versionGet the current package version.
get_doc_idGet the Metacat docid for the given identifier
get_formatsGet the list of valid formats from DataONE
get_identifierGet the identifier from a DataONE response.
get_latest_releaseUse the GitHub API to find the latest release for the...
get_mn_base_urlGet the base URL of the Member Node.
get_ncdf4_attributesGet a data.frame of attributes from a NetCDF object
get_netcdf_format_idDetermine the DataONE format ID for the NetCDF file provided...
get_or_create_pidGet the already-minted PID from the inventory or mint a new...
get_packageGet a structured list of PIDs for the objects in a package.
get_package_directGet a structured list of PIDs for the objects in a package.
get_tokenGets the currently set authentication token.
get_token_subjectReturns the subject of the set dataone_test_token
guess_format_idGuess format from filename for a vector of filenames.
insert_filepackage.R Author: Bryce Mecum <[email protected]>
insert_packageCreate a single package Data Package from files in the...
inv_add_extra_columnsAdds a set of extra columsn to the inventory that are useful...
inv_add_parent_package_columnAdd a column for parent packages.
inv_initinventory.R Author: Bryce Mecum <[email protected]>
inv_load_checksumsLoad checksums into the inventory file from a text file. This...
inv_load_doisLoad DOIs from a text file into the Inventory.
inv_load_filesLoad files into the inventory from a text file.
inv_load_identifiersLoad identifiers into the inventory file(s) from a text file....
inv_load_sizesLoad file sizes into an inventory from a text file. Removes...
inv_updateUpdate an Inventory with a new Inventory.
is_authorizedCheck if the user has authorization to perform an action on...
is_format_idTest whether an object is a particular format ID.
is_obsoleteTest whether the object is obsoleted by another object.
is_public_readCheck whether an object has public read access
is_resource_mapDetermines whether the object with the given PID is a...
is_token_expiredDetermine whether the set token is expired.
log_messageLog a message to the console and to a logfile.
mdq_runScore a metadata document against a MetaDIG Suite
new_uuidHelper function to generate a new UUID PID.
object_existsCheck if an object exists on a Member Node.
parse_resource_mapParse a Resource Map into a data.frame
path_join(Intelligently) join (possibly redudant) path parts together.
pid_to_eml_datatableThis function is deprecated. See pid_to_eml_entity.
pid_to_eml_other_entityThis function is deprecated. See pid_to_eml_entity.
pid_to_eml_physicalCreate EML physical objects for the given set of PIDs
pretty_printUses XMLStarlet to pretty-print/beautify an XML document.
publish_updatePublish an updated data package.
remove_public_readRemove public read access for an object
replace_package_idReplace the EML 'packageId' attribute on the root element...
replace_subjectReplace subjects in the accessPolicy section of a System...
set_abstractSet the abstract on an EML document
set_accessSet the access policy for an object
set_file_nameSet the file name on an object
set_other_entitiesThis function is deprecated. See pid_to_eml_entity.
set_public_readSet public read access for an object
set_rights_and_accessSet rights holder with access policy for an object
set_rights_holderSet the rights holder for an object
show_indexing_statusShow the indexing status of a set of PIDs
show_random_datasetPrint a random dataset.
substitute_eml_partyExtract the EML responsible-party blocks in a document, and...
sysmeta_to_eml_other_entityThis function is deprecated. See pid_to_eml_entity.
sysmeta_to_eml_physicalCreate an EML physical object from System Metadata
sysmeta_to_other_entityThis function is deprecated. See sysmeta_to_eml_other_entity.
test_has_abstractmodify_metadata.R Author: Bryce Mecum <[email protected]>
theme_packagesmarking.R Author: Bryce Mecum <[email protected]>
update_objectUpdate an object with a new file.
update_packageUpdate a package with modified metadata.
update_package_objectUpdate a data object and associated resource map and metadata
update_physicalUpdate physical of an updated data object
update_resource_mapUpdate an existing resource map Object on a Member Node.
validate_environmentValidate an environment.
validate_inventoryValidate an Inventory.
view_packagesinteractive.R Author: Bryce Mecum <[email protected]>
view_profileGet an approximate list of the datasets in a user's profile
warn_current_versionWarns if the currently-installed version of the package is...
which_in_emlSearch through EMLs
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