Man pages for NESCent/MINOTAUR
MultIvariate visualisatioN and OuTlier Analysis Using R

C_harmonicDistHarmomic mean distance
C_harmonicDist_partialHarmomic mean distance using chunk of data to enable the use...
C_kernelDevianceOverall deviance for given kernel bandwidth
C_kernelDeviance_partialoverall deviance for given kernel bandwidth using chunk of...
C_kernelDistkernel density
C_kernelDist_partialkernel density using chunk of data to enable the use of a...
C_neighborDistNearest neighbor distance
C_neighborDist_partialNearest neighbor distance using chunk of data to enable the...
CSSComposite Selection Signal
DCMSDe-correlated Composite of Multiple Signals (DCMS)
harmonicDistHarmonic Mean Distance
HumanGWASExample Dataset: Human GWAS
kernelDevianceKernel Density Deviance
kernelDistKernel Density Distance
neighborDistNearest Neighbor Distance
NonParametricInverseExample Dataset: Nonparametric Inverse
NonParametricMultimodalExample Dataset: Nonparametric Multimodal
plot_2DGenerate x-y scatter plots.
stat_to_pvalueConvert statistics to p-values
TwoRefSimExample Dataset: Simulated Expansion from Two Refugia
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