API for Newmi1988/seeds
Estimate Hidden Inputs using the Method of the Dynamic Elastic Net

Global functions
BDEN Man page Source code
GIBBS_update Man page Source code
LOGLIKELIHOOD_func Man page Source code
MCMC_component Man page Source code
SETTINGS Man page Source code
checkMatrix Source code
confidenceBands Man page
confidenceBands,list,character,missing-method Man page
confidenceBands,list,character,numeric-method Man page
confidenceBands,resultsSeeds,character,missing-method Man page
createCFile Source code
createCLangRoot Man page Source code
createCompModel Man page Source code
createEvent Man page Source code
createFunctions Man page Source code
createRoot Man page Source code
dynElasticNet Man page Source code
estiStates Man page
estiStates,list,missing-method Man page
estiStates,list,numeric-method Man page
estiStates,resultsSeeds,missing-method Man page
getEquations Source code
hiddenInputs Man page
hiddenInputs,list,missing-method Man page
hiddenInputs,list,numeric-method Man page
hiddenInputs,resultsSeeds,missing-method Man page
importSBML Man page Source code
nominalSol Man page
nominalSol,odeModel-method Man page
odeEquations Man page
odeEquations-class Man page
odeModel Man page
odeModel-class Man page
ode_solv Source code
outputEstimates Man page
outputEstimates,list,missing-method Man page
outputEstimates,list,numeric-method Man page
outputEstimates,resultsSeeds,missing-method Man page
plot,resultsSeeds,missing-method Man page
plotAnno Man page
plotAnno,list-method Man page
plotAnno,resultsSeeds-method Man page
plotResultsSeeds Source code
print,resultsSeeds Man page
print,resultsSeeds-method Man page
printSeedsResults Source code
resultsSeeds Man page
resultsSeeds-class Man page
seeds Man page
seeds-package Man page
setInput Man page
setInput,odeModel-method Man page
setMeas Man page
setMeas,odeModel-method Man page
setMeasFunc Man page
setMeasFunc,odeModel,function,logical-method Man page
setMeasFunc,odeModel,function,missing-method Man page
setModelEquation Man page
setModelEquation,odeModel-method Man page
setParms Man page
setParms,odeModel,numeric-method Man page
setSd Man page
setSd,odeModel-method Man page
setY Man page
setY,odeModel-method Man page
sgdn Man page Source code
summary.resultsSeeds Source code
symbolicDiff Man page Source code
uvbData Man page
writeDummy Source code
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