pol_pres15: Polish election data 2015

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Polish election data 2015


Polish Presidential election 2015 data by gminy and Warsaw borough areal units




sf data frame object with 2495 areal units and 65 variables

  • TERYT, TERYT0, gm0TERYT areal unit IDs

  • name0original areal unit names

  • namecleaned areal unit names

  • typesfactor with levels “Rural”, “Urban”, “Urban/rural” and “Warsaw borough”

  • I_turnoutFirst round turnout proportion

  • II_turnoutRunoff round turnout proportion

  • I_Duda_shareWinner first round share

  • II_Duda_shareWinner runoff round share

  • I_Komorowski_shareIncumbent first round share

  • II_Komorowski_shareIncumbent runoff round share

  • I_*First round aggregated counts of all polling station data

  • II_*Runoff round aggregated counts of all polling station data


“PVE” in variable names means “postal voting envelopes”; voters requesting a postal voting package are expected to return a postal voting envelope with a declaration, and a sealed voting envelope to be placed in the ballot box.


Roger Bivand


https://prezydent2015.pkw.gov.pl/319_Pierwsze_glosowanie, https://prezydent2015.pkw.gov.pl/325_Ponowne_glosowanie, http://www.codgik.gov.pl/index.php/darmowe-dane/prg.html


## Not run: 
data("pol_pres15", package = "spDataLarge")
wd = aggregate(pol_pres15$I_entitled_to_vote, list(pol_pres15$types), sum)$x
boxplot(I_turnout ~ types, data = pol_pres15, width = wd)

## End(Not run)

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