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Terrain attributes of the landslide dataset from Southern Ecuador


Data used in the "Statistical learning for geographic data" chapter in Geocomputation with R. See http://geocompr.robinlovelace.net/spatial-cv.html for details.


A geotiff file with the five terrain attribute layers: slope, plan curvature, profile curvature, elevation and catchment area.


DEM dataset of the RSAGA package: data("landslides", package = "RSAGA").


Ungerechts, L. (2010): DEM 10m (triangulated from aerial photo - b/w). Available online:


Jordan, E., Ungerechts, L., Caceres, B. Penafiel, A. and Francou, B. (2005): Estimation by photogrammetry of the glacier recession on the Cotopaxi Volcano (Ecuador) between 1956 and 1997. *Hydrological Sciences* 50, 949-961.

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