Man pages for NumbersInternational/flipAPI
Web APIs tools

CheckDropboxTokenCheck that token is valid
close.qpostconCloses a QFileOpen connection
DownloadXLSXDownload and read Excel (.xlsx) file
ExportToDropboxExport R object to Dropbox
GeocodeIPsGeocodeIP addresses
getApiRootGets region from the environment and builds the api root....
GetDirectLinkConverts URL from cloud storage to direct link
getFileTypeGuesses the type of file from the filename. Used for...
getResponseFileTypeGets the file type of a response based on Content-Type. Used...
GoogleAnalyticsRequest data from Google Analytics
ImportFromDropboxImport R object from file in Dropbox
QFileExistsCheck if a file exists
QFileOpenOpens a Connection
QLoadDataLoads an object
QSaveDataSave an object
stopBadRequestThrows an error given a response. Appends error received from...
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