Man pages for OHDSI/MethodEvaluation
Package for evaluation of estimation methods

computeAucsCompute the AUCs for various injected signal sizes
computeCoverageCompute the coverage
computeMdrrCompute minimal detectable relative risk (MDRR)
computeMetricsCompute the AUC, coverage, MSE, and type 1 and 2 error
computeMseCompute the mean squared error
computeType1And2ErrorCompute type 1 and 2 error
createReferenceSetCohortsCreate cohorts used in a reference set.
euadrReferenceSetThe EU-ADR reference set
filterOnMdrrFilter data based on MDRR
injectSignalsInject signals in database
ohdsiNegativeControlsThe OHDSI Method Evaluation Benchmark - Negative Controls
omopReferenceSetThe OMOP reference set A reference set of 165 drug-outcome...
plotCoverageInjectedSignalsPlot the coverage
plotRocsInjectedSignalsPlot the ROC curves for various injected signal sizes
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