Man pages for OHDSI/StudyDiagnostics
Diagnostics for OHDSI Cohorts

checkInputFileEncodingCheck character encoding of input file
CohortDiagnostics-packageCohortDiagnostics: Diagnostics for OHDSI Cohorts
createDiagnosticsExplorerZipCreate publishable shiny zip
createMergedResultsFileMerge Shiny diagnostics files into sqlite database
createResultsDataModelCreate the results data model tables on a database server.
executeDiagnosticsExecute cohort diagnostics
getCdmDataSourceInformationReturns information from CDM source table.
getCohortCountsCount the cohort(s)
getDataMigratorGet database migrations instance
getDefaultCovariateSettingsGet default covariate settings
getDefaultVocabularyTableNamesGet a list of vocabulary table names
getResultsDataModelSpecificationsGet specifications for Cohort Diagnostics results data model
launchDiagnosticsExplorerLaunch the Diagnostics Explorer Shiny app
migrateDataModelMigrate Data model
runCohortRelationshipDiagnosticsGiven a set of cohorts get relationships between the cohorts.
runCohortTimeSeriesDiagnosticsGiven a set of instantiated cohorts get time series for the...
uploadResultsUpload results to the database server.
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