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Extended Structural Equation Modelling

as.statusCodeConvert a numeric or character vector into an optimizer...
Bollen_dataBollen Data on Industrialization and Political Democracy
cvectorizeVectorize By Column
demoOneFactor_dataDemonstration data for a one factor model
demoTwoFactor_dataDemonstration data for a two factor model
diag2vecExtract Diagonal of a Matrix
dzfDataExample twin extended kinship data: DZ female data
dzmDataExample twin extended kinship data: DZ Male data
dzoDataExample twin extended kinship data: DZ opposite sex twins
eigenvecEigenvector/Eigenvalue Decomposition
example1_dataBivariate twin data, wide-format from Classic Mx Manual
example2_dataBivariate twin data, long-format from Classic Mx Manual
factorExample1_dataExample Factor Analysis Data
factorScaleExample1_dataExample Factor Analysis Data for Scaling the Model
factorScaleExample2_dataExample Factor Analysis Data for Scaling the Model
HS.ability.dataHolzinger & Swineford (1939) Ability in 301 children from 2...
imxReportProgressReport backend progress
imxWlsChiSquareCalculate Chi Square for a WLS Model
imxWlsStandardErrorsCalculate Standard Errors for a WLS Model
jointdata_dataJoint Ordinal and continuous variables to be modeled together
latentMultipleRegExample1_dataExample data for multiple regression among latent variables
latentMultipleRegExample2_dataExample data for multiple regression among latent variables
lazarsfeld_dataRespondent-soldiers on four dichotomous items
LongitudinalOverdispersedCountsLongitudinal, Overdispersed Count Data
multiData1_dataData for multiple regression
mxAlgebraCreate MxAlgebra Object
MxAlgebra-classMxAlgebra Class
mxAlgebraObjectiveDEPRECATED: Create MxAlgebraObjective Object
mxBootstrapRepeatedly estimate model using resampling with replacement
mxBootstrapEvalEvaluate Values in a bootstrapped MxModel
mxBootstrapStdizeRAMpathsBootstrap distribution of standardized RAM path coefficients
mxBoundsCreate MxBounds Object
MxBounds-classMxBounds Class
mxCheckIdentificationCheck that a model is locally identified
mxCICreate mxCI Object
MxCI-classMxCI Class
mxCompareLikelihood ratio test
mxComputeBootstrapRepeatedly estimate model using resampling with replacement
mxComputeJacobianNumerically estimate the Jacobian with respect to free...
mxComputeLoadMatrixLoad data from CSV files directly into the backend
mxComputeNelderMeadOptimize parameters using a variation of the Nelder-Mead...
mxComputeSimAnnealingOptimization using generalized simulated annealing
mxConstraintCreate MxConstraint Object
MxConstraint-classClass '"MxConstraint"'
mxDataCreate MxData Object
MxData-classMxData Class
mxDataWLSCreate legacy MxData Object for Least Squares (WLS, DWLS,...
mxEvalEvaluate Values in MxModel
mxEvaluateOnGridEvaluate an algebra on an abscissa grid and collect column...
mxExpectationGREMLCreate MxExpectationGREML Object
MxExpectationGREML-classClass "MxExpectationGREML"
mxExpectationHiddenMarkovHidden Markov expectation
mxExpectationLISRELCreate MxExpectationLISREL Object
mxExpectationMixtureMixture expectation
mxExpectationNormalCreate MxExpectationNormal Object
mxExpectationRAMCreate an MxExpectationRAM Object
mxExpectationStateSpaceCreate an MxExpectationStateSpace Object
mxExpectationStateSpaceContinuousTimeCreate an MxExpectationStateSpace Object
mxFactorFail-safe Factors
mxFactorScoresEstimate factor scores and standard errors
mxFIMLObjectiveDEPRECATED: Create MxFIMLObjective Object
mxFitFunctionAlgebraCreate MxFitFunctionAlgebra Object
mxFitFunctionGREMLCreate MxFitFunctionGREML Object
MxFitFunctionGREML-classClass '"MxFitFunctionGREML"'
mxFitFunctionMLCreate MxFitFunctionML Object
mxFitFunctionMultigroupCreate a fit function used to fit multiple-group models
mxFitFunctionRCreate MxFitFunctionR Object
mxFitFunctionRowCreate an MxFitFunctionRow Object
mxFitFunctionWLSCreate MxFitFunctionWLS Object
mxGenerateDataGenerate data based on an mxModel (or a data.frame)
mxGetExpectedExtract the component from a model's expectation
mxGREMLDataHandlerHelper Function for Structuring GREML Data
mxJiggleJiggle parameter values.
mxKalmanScoresEstimate Kalman scores and error covariance matrices
mxLISRELObjectiveCreate MxLISRELObjective Object
mxMatrixCreate MxMatrix Object
MxMatrix-classMxMatrix Class
mxMIEstimate Modification Indices for MxModel Objects
mxMLObjectiveDEPRECATED: Create MxMLObjective Object
MxMMIInformation-Theoretic Model-Averaging and Multimodel...
mxModelCreate MxModel Object
MxModel-classMxModel Class
mxOptionSet or Clear an Optimizer Option
mxParametricBootstrapAssess whether potential parameters should be freed using...
mxPathCreate List of Paths
mxPearsonSelCovPerform Pearson Aitken selection
mxPowerPower curve
mxRAMObjectiveDEPRECATED: Create MxRAMObjective Object
mxRenameRename MxModel or a Submodel
mxRObjectiveDEPRECATED: Create MxRObjective Object
mxRowObjectiveDEPRECATED: Create MxRowObjective Object
mxRunRun an OpenMx model
mxStandardizeRAMpathsStandardize RAM models' path coefficients
mxThresholdCreate List of Thresholds
mxTryHardMake multiple attempts to run a model
mxTypesList Currently Available Model Types
mxVersionReturns Current Version String
myAutoregressiveData_dataExample data with autoregressively related columns
myFADataRawExample 500-row dataset with 12 generated variables
myGrowthKnownClassData_dataData for a growth mixture model with the true class...
myGrowthMixtureData_dataData for a growth mixture model
myLongitudinalData_dataData for a linear latent growth curve model
myRegData_dataExample regression data with correlated predictors
myRegDataRaw_dataExample regression data with correlated predictors
myTwinData_dataDuplicate of twinData
mzfDataExample twin extended kinship data: MZ female twins
mzmDataExample twin extended kinship data: MZ Male data
Named-entityNamed Entities
nuclear_twin_design_dataTwin data from a nuclear family design
numHess1numeric Hessian data 1
numHess2numeric Hessian data 2
omxAllIntAll Interval Multivariate Normal Integration
omxApplyOn-Demand Parallel Apply
omxAssignFirstParametersAssign First Available Values to Model Parameters
omxBrownieMake Brownies in OpenMx
omxCheckEqualsEquality Testing Function
omxCheckIdenticalExact Equality Testing Function
omxCheckSetEqualsSet Equality Testing Function
omxCheckTrueBoolean Equality Testing Function
omxCheckWithinPercentErrorApproximate Percent Equality Testing Function
omxDefaultComputePlanConstruct default compute plan
omxGetParametersFetch Model Parameters
omxGraphvizShow RAM Model in Graphviz Format
omxLapplyOn-Demand Parallel Lapply
omxLocateParametersGet the location (model, matrix, row, column) and other info...
omxLogicalLogical mxAlgebra() operators
omxMatrixOperationsMxMatrix operations
omxMnorMultivariate Normal Integration
omxModelDeleteDataRemove all instances of data from a model
omxParallelCICalculate confidence intervals without re-doing the primary...
omxReadGRMBinRead a GCTA-Format Binary GRM into R.
omxRMSEAGet the RMSEA with confidence intervals from model
omxSapplyOn-Demand Parallel Sapply
omxSaturatedModelCreate Reference (Saturated and Independence) Models
omxSelectRowsAndColsFilter rows and columns from an mxMatrix
omxSetParametersAssign Model Parameters
omxSymbolTableInternal OpenMx algebra operations
ordinalTwinDataData for ordinal twin model
Oscillator_dataOscillator Data for Latent Differential Equations
rvectorizeVectorize By Row
summary.MxModelModel Summary
twinDataAustralian twin sample biometric data.
twin_NA_dot_dataTwin biometric data (Practice cleaning: "." for missing data,...
vec2diagCreate Diagonal Matrix From Vector
vech2fullInverse Half-vectorization
vechsStrict Half-vectorization
vechs2fullInverse Strict Half-vectorization
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