Man pages for OpenSDP/OpenSDPsynthR
Package to generate synthetic data for the OpenSDP Project

age_calcFunction to calculate age from date of birth.
assertSimple error assertions
assign_baselineAppend baseline data to initial data
assign_gradeAssign student a grade
assign_hs_outcomesAssign high school outcomes
assign_schoolsAssign student enrollment spells to a school ID
better_sim.lmGenerate simulated predictions from a linear model that...
ceds_cleanerCEDS oputput function
cond_probGenerate conditional probabilities by group
convert_gradeConvert auto-generated grades to better grades
diag_offsetOffset the diagonal values of a matrix
expand_grid_dfExpand dataframe into a complete grid
fit_seriesIdentify the parameters that define a series of binary...
gamma_GKEstimate the Goodman and Kruskal gamma statistic
gen_annual_gpaGenerate annual GPA sequence for students based on final GPA
gen_annual_statusGenerate annual status trajectories per student
gen_assessGenerate an assessment table
gen_creditsGenerate credit sequence for students based on their final...
gen_gpaGenerate a final GPA for students
gen_gradGenerate a high school graduation for students
gen_hs_annualGenerate annual HS outcomes
gen_initial_statusGenerate initial student status indicators
gen_nscGenerate postsecondary institutions
gen_ontrackCalculate on_track based on credits
gen_outcome_modelGenerate data for a multilevel outcome
gen_psGenerate postsecondary enrollment outcome
gen_ps_enrollmentGenerate a student-year long table of postsecondary...
gen_schoolsGenerate a roster of schools to assign students to
gen_studentsGenerate student-level attributes
gen_student_yearsGenerate annual student observations
get_baselineFunction to load in SDP default baseline data
get_code_valuesGet values of codes from the CEDS Crosswalk List
get_sim_groupvarsGet grouping variables
grade_transitionsGenerate a grade advancement transition matrix
group_rescaleRescaling variables in groups
make_binary_seriesCreate an autocorrelated binary series
make_indsAppend indicator variables to a data frame based on a single...
make_markov_seriesCreate a series of binary variables based on a transition...
map_CEDSMap to and from CEDS column names
markov_cond_listCompute conditional Markov sequences in a pipeline
m_sumSum matrix elements in a list
namedListCreate a named list
num_clipClip a vector to be between a minimum and a maximum
num_gradeConvert a character representation of grades to numeric
rand_vect_contGenerate positive random numbers that sum to a value
recode_creditsRecode numeric data into plausible credit data
recode_optionsRecode options
rescaleReliabily rescale numerics with missingness
rescale_gpaRescale scaled GPA to be on 0-4 scale
school_transitionsGenerate a random transition matrix for school enrollments
sdp_cleanerConvert a population simulation into an analysis file
sim_controlSet control parameters for simulated data
simpopGrand simulation
tidy_sequenceTidy a two-state markov sequence for output
tm_convertCovnert a matrix to a row-wise transition matrix
unscaleUnscale a scaled variable
validate_probability_listValidate probability list formatting and structure
validate_sim_parameterValidate outcome simulation list formatting and structure
zeroNAConvert NA values to 0 in a vector
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