Man pages for PDXChris/pmtools
Tools for Working with PAWMAP Data

collidevAllow vertical dodging in ggplot
dropAmphibsDrop Amphibians from a data frame of fish names
fitStatsCreate text summarizing regression fit
fixFishNamesStandardize fish names and correct common misspellings
formSubstrateLoad and format PAWMAP substrate data
gmeanCalculate the geometric mean
meansByWatSummarize PAWMAP data by watershed
mergeStatInfoMerge PAWMAP station information into a data frame.
met.codMetric codes, names, units, etc for PAWMAP variables.
norm.plotPlot a variable and test for normality
panel.corA Panel Function for Pairs to Add Correlation Coefficients
plotBio_ByWatPlot A GGplot jitter plot of a biological metric by watershed
plotBio_InWatPlot PAWMAP biological metrics within a selected watershed.
plotCDF_byWatPlot Empirical Cumulative Distribution Plots of PAWMAP data...
plotDensPlot Density of a Variable
plotFishSppPlot PAWMAP Fish Species Composition Data.
plotGGjitt_ByWatPlot A GGplot Jitter plot by Watershed
plotHab_ByWatPlot PAWMAP habitat data by watershed.
plotHab_inwatPlot PAWMAP Habitat Data within a selected watershed.
plotIbi_InWatPlot PAWMAP Fish Data within a selected watershed.
plotRespVsPredPlot Correlations of Predictors vs. a Response
plotSubstratePlot PAWMAP substrate data
plotWQ_ByCyclePlot PAWMAP water quality data by watershed.
plotWQ_ByWatPlot PAWMAP water quality data by watershed.
plotWQ_inwatPlot PAWMAP Water Quality Data within a selected watershed.
pos_fillvStack overlapping intervals and set height to 1. Assumes that...
position_dodgevAdjust position by dodging overlaps to the side.
pos_stackvStack overlapping intervals. Assumes that each set has the...
runFishIbiGet Fish Index of Biotic Integrity scores
runMetMixModRun a Mixed Model for Metals and TSS in Streams.
saveMMMranEffSave and Plot the Random Effects from a Mixed Model.
statByStationCalculate summary statistic by station
stationInfoInformation on PAWMAP Monitoring Stations.
stLookLook up information on a station by number
substCritListList stations exceeding substrate criteria
substCritStatCompile total exceedances of substrate criteria by watershed
tallyFishSppTally PAWMAP Fish Species Composition Data.
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