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Estimation and Projection of Age-Specific Mortality Rates

Age-specific mortality rates are estimated and projected using the Kannisto, Lee-Carter and related methods as described in Sevcikova et al. (2016).

The main functions are:

Functions contained in the package can be used for both, 5-year and 1-year age groups.

Other methods for forecasting mortality rates are available:

A life table can be constructed using the life.table function.


Li, N. and Lee, R. D. (2005). Coherent mortality forecasts for a group of populations: An extension of the Lee-Carter method. Demography, 42, 575-594.

Li, N., Lee, R. D. and Gerland, P. (2013). Extending the Lee-Carter method to model the rotation of age patterns of mortality decline for long-term projections. Demography, 50, 2037-2051.

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