Man pages for PPgp/MortCast
Estimation and Projection of Age-Specific Mortality Rates

cokannistoCoherent Kannisto Method
cokannisto.estimateCoherent Kannisto Estimation
kannistoKannisto Method
kannisto.estimateKannisto Estimation
kannisto.predictKannisto Prediction
leecarter.estimateLee-Carter Estimation
life.tableLife Table Function
lileecarter.estimateCoherent Lee-Carter Estimation
LQcoefCoefficients for the Log-Quadratic Mortality Model
lqgroupLog-Quadratic Mortality Model
mltgroupModel Life Tables Mortality Patterns
MLTlookupModel Life Tables Lookup
mortcastCoherent Rotated Lee-Carter Prediction
mortcast.blendMortality Prediction by Method Blending
MortCast-packageMortCast: Estimation and Projection of Age-Specific Mortality...
PMDadjcoefCoefficients for Sex Ratio Adjustments in the PMD Method
pmdgroupPattern of Mortality Decline Prediction
PMDrhoPattern Mortality Decline Lookup Tables
rotate.leecarterRotated Lee-Carter
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