Man pages for PPgp/bayesTFR
Bayesian Fertility Projection

bayesTFR-internalInternal Functions and datasets of bayesTFR
bayesTFR.mcmcMCMC Simulation Object
bayesTFR.mcmc.metaMCMC Simulation Meta Object
bayesTFR-packageBayesian Fertility Projection
coda.mcmc.listConvertion to coda's Objects
convert.trajectoriesConverting TFR Trajectories into ACSII Files
country.namesAccessing Country Names Country Information
get_cov_gammasCovariance Matrices of Gamma Parameters
get.regtfr.predictionAccessing Subnational Prediction Objects
get.tfr.convergenceAccessing a Convergence Object
get.tfr.mcmcAccessing MCMC Results
get.tfr.parameter.tracesAccessing MCMC Parameter Traces
get.tfr.predictionAccessing a Prediction Object
get.tfr.trajectoriesAccessing TFR Trajectories
get.thinned.tfr.mcmcCreating and Accessing Thinned MCMCs Number of Iterations
GoF.dlGoodness of Fit of the Double Logistic Function
includeInclusion Codes
plot-DLcurvePlotting Posterior Distribution of the Double Logistic...
plot-pardensityPlotting MCMC Parameter Density
plot-partracesPlotting MCMC Parameter Traces
plot-trajectoriesOutput of Posterior Distribution of TFR Trajectories
predict-tfrGenerating Posterior Trajectories of the Total Fertility Rate
run-mcmcRunning Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Parameters of Total...
run.tfr3.mcmcRunning Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Parameters of Total...
run.tfr.mcmc.extraRun MCMC for Extra Countries, Areas or Regions
summary-convergenceSummary of a TFR Convergence Object
summary-mcmcSummary Statistics for TFR Markov Chain Monte Carlo Chains
summary-predictionSummary of a Prediction of the Total Fertility Rate
tfr.diagnoseConvergence Diagnostics of TFR Markov Chain Monte Carlo
tfr.mapTFR World Map
tfr.median.setEditing Medians of the Projection
tfr.parameter.namesAccessing Parameter Names
tfr.predict.extraGenerating Posterior Trajectories of the Total Fertility Rate...
tfr.predict.subnatGenerating Posterior Trajectories of Subnational TFR
tfr.raftery.diagRaftery Diagnostics for Parameters of the Total Fertility...
UN_timeDataset with UN-specific Time Coding
UN_variantsDataset with UN-specific Coding of Variants
write.projection.summaryWriting Projection Summary Files
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