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SciDB/R Interface

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options(scidb.prefix=NULL) # Default shim port and host. options(scidb.default_shim_port=8080L) options(scidb.default_shim_host="localhost") # How to download arrays and their coordinates. Set scidb.unpack=FALSE # to use apply, which can be faster in some cases when used with aio. options(scidb.unpack=FALSE) # Disable SSL certificate host name checking by default. This is important mostly # for Amazon EC2 where hostnames rarely match their DNS names. If you enable this # then the shim SSL certificate CN entry *must* match the server host name for the # encrypted session to work. Set this TRUE for stronger security (help avoid MTM) # in SSL connections. options(scidb.verifyhost=FALSE) # List of special DDL operators options(scidb.ddl=c("create_array", "remove", "rename")) # Set to TRUE) in order to use the atts_only=0 argument of # the \code{aio_save} operator from the \code{accelerated_io_tools} # plugin when downloading coordinates for array values. This avoids the # use of \code{apply} to obtain coordinate and can result in performance # improvements. This requires that the \code{accelerated_io_tools} # plugin is loaded in SciDB and enabled in Shim. options(scidb.aio=FALSE)

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