Man pages for Paradigm4/pkgdown
Make Static HTML Documentation for a Package

as_pkgdownGenerate pkgdown data structure
autolink_htmlAutomatically link references and articles in an HTML page
build_articlesBuild articles section
build_faviconsCreate favicons from package logo
build_homeBuild home section
build_newsBuild news section
build_referenceBuild reference section
build_siteBuild a complete pkgdown website
build_tutorialsBuild tutorials section
clean_siteClean site
deploy_site_githubDeploy a pkgdown site on Travis-CI to Github Pages
deploy_to_branchBuild and deploy a site locally
init_siteInitialise site infrastructure
in_pkgdownDetermine if code is executed by pkgdown
pkgdown-packagepkgdown: Make Static HTML Documentation for a Package
preview_siteOpen site in browser
rd2htmlTranslate an Rd string to its HTML output
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
render_pageRender page with template
templatesGenerate YAML templates
test-crayonTest case: crayon
test-dontTest case: don't
test-figuresTest case: figures
test-linksTest case: links
test-listsTest case: lists
test-output-stylesTest case: output styles
test-paramsTest case: params
test-verbatimTest case: verbatim blocks
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