Man pages for ParkerICI/scfeatures
Feature generation from single-cell data

cluster_dataClusters a table of data
cluster_fcs_filesCluster FCS files
cluster_fcs_files_groupsPool FCS files and cluster them
cluster_fcs_files_in_dirCluster all FCS files contained in a directory
convert_fcsConvert a flowFrame to data.frame
get_common_columnsGet the columns that are common to a set of input tabular...
get_stats_by_sampleCalculate sample-level cluster statistics
grappolograppolo: A package to cluster single-cell data and generate...
process_fileProcess an individual file for clustering
process_files_groupsProcess a group of files for clustering
remove_empty_fcs_filesRemove empty FCS files
shift_negative_valuesShift negative values in a matrix
write_clustering_outputWrite clustering output
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