Man pages for PaulRegular/surveyTestr
A tool for the simulation testing of the design and analysis of fisheries-independent trawl surveys

bathySouthern Newfoundland bathymetry
convert_NConvert abundance-at-age matrix to abundance-at-length
error_statsCalculate common error statistics
expand_surveysSet-up a series of surveys from all combinations of settings...
fibonacciGenerate Fibonacci sequence
group_lengthsConvert length to length group
iccCalculate intraclass correlation
landSouthern Newfoundland coastline
make_gridMake a depth stratified survey grid
object_sizePrint object size
plot_trendSimple plotting functions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
round_simRound simulated population
run_stratRun stratified analysis on simulated data
sim_abundanceSimulate basic population dynamics model
sim_ays_covarSimulate age-year-space covariance
sim_distributionSimulate spatial and temporal distribution
sim_logisticClosure for simulating logistic curve
sim_parabolaDefine relationships with covariates
sim_RSimulate startinig abundance, random recruitment and total...
sim_setsSimulate survey sets
sim_surveySimulate stratified-random survey
sim_survey_parallelSimulate stratified random surveys using parallel computation
sim_vonBClosure for simulating length given age using von Bertalanffy...
strat_dataPrepare simulated data for stratified analysis
strat_errorCalculate error of stratified estimates
strat_meansCalculate stratified means, variances and confidence...
survey_gridSample survey simulation grid.
test_surveysTest sampling design of multiple surveys using a stratified...
vis_simMake a flexdashboard for visualizing the simulation
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