Man pages for PhilBoileau/neatmaps
Heatmaps for Multiple Network Data

aggNodeAttrNode Attribute Aggregater
calcICLNoPlotsConsensus Cluster Plus without Plots
consClustResTableConsensus Cluster Results in a Table
consensusChangeECDFChange in Area Under the ECDF
consensusClusterNoPlotsConsensus Cluster Plus without Plots
consensusECDFConsensus Matrix ECDFs
consensusMapCreate Heatmaps of Consensus Matrices
createNetworksCreate Networks Using Edge Data Frame
edge_dfEdge List Data Frame
getStructureAttrStructural Attributes of Networks Data Frame
neatmapExplore Multi-Network Data
neatmaps'neatmaps' package
netsDataFrameNetworks Data Frame
network_attr_dfNetwork Attributes Data
node_attr_dfNode Attribute Data
scaleColumnsScale Between 0 and 1
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