Man pages for PietaSchofield/pietalib
A Small Collection Of Useful Functions

addCiteinclude citation for package in markdown
anscoreA N Spiess bigcore function
bigcorlarge correlation matrix with ff
buildAllBuild an Rmarkdown file or directory of files into html
CitePresPresentation citation
codeHooksimple knitr hook for code chunk referencing
delWeekgetWeek return the data for the week comencing
edtedit a file
factorisefind divisors of an integer
generateHeadersSome R functions for processing and analysing of genomics...
genPBSScriptSome R functions for processing and analysing of genomics...
getSpikeInNormget results from nicks spike-in db
getWeekgetWeek return the data for the week comencing
goedit most recent note
knithook_plotkniter hook for figure numbering
lcklist the citation keys for a package
llll list full info on objects
logTimeLoad data from OfficeTime export into my time recording DB...
multiplotMultiple plot function
newFilecreate a new notebook file
newNotecreate a new notebook file
newProjectcreate a new project
pubGoDrender the current document
publishPublish all relevant files from the local directory to my...
rcmdexecute a command remotely via ssh
readDREMEread in dreme results file
readENCODEreadENCODE read broadPeak and narrowPeak formats and return a...
readFCreadFC read a featureCount File
readMEMEread in meme xml results file into an R list structure
readPrismRead a Prism file.
readPRISMRead a Prism file.
readTRANSFACTread a transfact PWM file
retGenBankRetrieve GENBANK details
stripPluralsrebuild a package
subJobCRUKSubmit a job to the cluster
subScriptsubScript will submit a script to the cluster
viewsimple wrapper to open a file at the commandline on a mac
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