Man pages for PredictiveEcology/NetLogoR
Build and Run Spatially Explicit Agent-Based Models

agentClasses-classA meta class for agentMatrix and SpatialPointsDataFrame
agentMatrixCreate a new agentMatrix object
agentMatrix-bind-methodsCombine R Objects by Rows or Columns
agentMatrix-classThe agentMatrix class
agentMatrix-compare-methodsRelational Operators
agentMatrix-show-methodsKey base R functions for agentMatrix class
bboxBounding box and extent methods for NetLogoR classes
bkMove backward
canMoveCan the turtles move?
cellFromPxcorPycorCells numbers from patches coordinates
clearPatchesClear world's patches
coordinatesSet spatial coordinates
createOTurtlesCreate ordered turtles
createTurtlesCreate turtles
createWorldCreate a world
dieKill turtles
diffuseDiffuse values in a world
downhillMove downhill
extract-methodsExtract or Replace Parts of an Object
faceFace something
fargsFunction arguments
fdMove forward
hatchHatch new turtles
homeReturn home
inConeAgents in cone
initialize-agentMatrix-methodInitialize for agentMatrix Class
inRadiusAgents in radius
inspectInspect turtles
isNLclassType of object
layoutCircleLayout turtles on a circle
leftRotate to the left
maxNofN agents with maximum
maxOneOfOne agent with maximum
maxPxcorMaximum pxcor
maxPycorMaximum pycor
minNofN agents with minimum
minOneOfOne agent with minimum
minPxcorMinimum pxcor
minPycorMinimum pycor
moveToMove to
neighborsNeighbors patches
NetLogoR-packageThe 'NetLogoR' package
NLallAll agents?
NLanyAny agents?
NLcountCount agents
NLdistDistances between agents
NLsetSet an agents variable
NLwithAgents with
NLworldIndexWorldMatrix indices from vector indices
nOfN random agents
noPatchesNo patches
noTurtlesNo turtles
ofValues of an agents variable
oneOfOne random agent
patchPatches coordinates
patchAheadPatches ahead
patchAtPatches at
patchDistDirPatches at given distances and directions
patchesAll the patches in a world
patchHerePatches here
patchLeftPatches on the left
patchRightPatches on the right
patchSetPatch set
pExistDo the patches exist?
plotMethodsBasic plot methods for 'agentMatrix', 'worldMatrix',...
projNowhereInternal CRS usage
PxcorPycorFromCellPatches coordinates from cells numbers
quickPlot-methodsMethods for quickPlot
quickPlottables-classquickPlot classes - for using 'quickPlot::Plot"
randomPxcorRandom pxcor
randomPycorRandom pycor
randomXcorRandom xcor
randomXYcorRandom turtles coordinates
randomYcorRandom ycor
raster2worldConvert a Raster* object into a worldMatrix or worldArray...
rightRotate to the right
setXYSet turtles' locations
show-methodsKey base R functions for worldNLR classes
sortOnSort agents
spdf2turtlesFrom SpatialPointsDataFrame to agentMatrix
sproutSprout new turtles
stackWorldsStack worlds
subHeadingsSubtract headings
SubsettingSubsetting for worldArray class
tExistDo the turtles exist?
towardsDirections towards
turtleSelect turtles
turtles2spdfFrom agentMatrix to SpatialPointsDataFrame
turtlesAtTurtles at
turtleSetCreate a turtle agentset
turtlesOnTurtles on
turtlesOwnNew turtles variable
updateListUpdate elements of a named list with elements of a second...
uphillMove uphill
withMaxAgents with maximum
withMinAgents with minimum
world2rasterConvert a worldMatrix or worldArray object into a Raster*...
worldArray-classThe worldArray class
worldHeightWorld height
worldMatrix-classThe worldMatrix class
worldNLR-classThe worldNLR class
worldWidthWorld width
wrapWrap coordinates or pixels in a torus-like fashion
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