Man pages for PredictiveEcology/SpaDES.core
Core Utilities for Developing and Running Spatially Explicit Discrete Event Simulation Models

addDependsAdd simulation dependencies
addTagsToOutputaddTagsToOutput for simList class objects
append_attrAdd a module to a 'moduleList'
cacheMessagecacheMessage for simList class objects
checkCacheRepocheckCacheRepo for simList class objects
checkModuleCheck for the existence of a remote module
checkModuleLocalCheck for the existence of a module locally
checkObjectCheck for existence of object(s) referenced by a 'objects'...
checkParamsCheck use and existence of params passed to simulation.
checkpointSimulation checkpoints.
checksumsCalculate checksums for a module's data files
classFilterFilter objects by class
CopyCopy for simList class objects
copyModuleCreate a copy of an existing module
coreModulesNamed list of core 'SpaDES' modules
createsOutputDefine an output object of a module
defineModuleDefine a new module.
defineParameterDefine a parameter used in a module
depsEdgeListBuild edge list for module dependency graph
depsGraphBuild a module dependency graph
depsLoadOrderDetermine module load order
depsPruneEdgesPrune edges to remove cycles in module dependencies
digestCalculate the hashes of multiple files
doEventProcess a simulation event
downloadDataDownload module data
downloadModuleDownload a module from a SpaDES module GitHub repository
dwrpnorm2Vectorized wrapped normal density function
emptyEventListBlank (template) event list
emptyMetadataDefault (empty) metadata
eventDiagramSimulation event diagram
expectsInputDefine an input object that the module expects.
experimentRun an experiment using 'spades'
F'F' allows the user to access functions from their module. It...
fileEditOpen a file for editing
fileExtExtract the file extension of a file
fileNameExtract filename (without extension) of a file
fileTableCreate empty fileTable for inputs and outputs
fillInputRowsAn internal function for coercing a data.frame to inputs()
fillOutputRowsAn internal function for coercing a data.frame to outputs()
findObjectsFind objects if passed as character strings
getModuleVersionFind the latest module version from a SpaDES module...
globalsGet and set simulation globals.
initialize-methodGenerate a 'simList' object
inputObjectsCreate an empty (template) inputObjects and outputObjects...
loadFilesFile extensions map
loadPackagesLoad packages.
ls-methodList simulation objects
ls_str-methodList simulation objects and their structure
maxTimeunitDetermine the largest timestep unit in a simulation
minTimeunitDetermine the smallest timeunit in a simulation
modifySearchPathModify package order in search path
moduleCoverageCalculate module coverage of unit tests
moduleDeps-classThe '.moduleDeps' class
moduleDiagramSimulation module dependency diagram
moduleGraphBuild a module dependency graph
moduleMetadataParse and extract module metadata
moduleVersionParse and extract a module's version
namespacingNamespacing within 'SpaDES'
newModuleCreate new module from template
newModuleCodeCreate new module code file
newModuleDocumentationCreate new module documentation
newModuleTestsCreate template testing structures for new modules
objectDiagramSimulation object dependency diagram
objectsExtract or replace an object from the simulation environment
objSizeInclEnvirosobjSizeInclEnviros for simList class objects
openModulesOpen all modules nested within a base directory
packagesGet module or simulation package dependencies
paddedFloatToCharConvert numeric to character with padding
paramsGet and set simulation parameters.
parseElems.parseElems for simList class objects
parseModuleParse and initialize a module
pkgEnvThe 'SpaDES.core' package environment
PlotPlot method for 'simList' objects
POMUse Pattern Oriented Modeling to fit unknown parameters
preDigestByClassPre-digesting method for 'simList'
prepareOutputprepareOutput for simList class objects
priorityEvent priority
progressGet and set simulation progress bar details
progressBarProgress bar
rasterToMemoryRead raster to memory
rndstrGenerate random strings
robustDigest'.robustDigest' for 'simList' class objects
saveFilesSave objects using '.saveObjects' in 'params' slot of...
scheduleEventSchedule a simulation event
setPathsGet and set default working directories
show-methodShow an Object
simDeps-classThe '.simDeps' class
simInitInitialize a new simulation
simList-accessors-envirSimulation environment
simList-accessors-eventsSimulation event lists
simList-accessors-inoutInputs and outputs
simList-accessors-modulesSimulation modules and dependencies
simList-accessors-pathsSpecify paths for modules, inputs, and outputs
simList-accessors-timesTime usage in 'SpaDES'
simList_-classThe 'simList_' class
simList-classThe 'simList' class
spadessetMethod( "scheduleEvent", signature( sim = "simList",...
spades-classesClasses defined in SpaDES
SpaDES.core-packageCategorized overview of the 'SpaDES.core' package
spadesTimeSpaDES time units
tagsByClasstagsByClass for simList class objects
timeConversionConvert time units
unparsedDetermine which modules in a list are unparsed
updateListUpdate elements of a named list with elements of a second...
zipModuleCreate a zip archive of a module subdirectory
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