Man pages for PredictiveEcology/
Additional Tools for Developing Spatially Explicit Discrete Event Simulation (SpaDES) Models

adjFast 'adjacent' function, and Just In Time compiled version
cirIdentify pixels in a circle or ring (donut) around an object.
cirSpecialQuickThis is a very fast version of 'cir' with 'allowOverlap =...
deprecated'fastCrop' is a wrapper around 'velox::VeloxRaster_crop',...
directionsCalculate distances and directions between many points and...
distanceFromEachPointCalculate distances and directions between many points and...
distancesPoint distance with C++
duplicatedRcpp duplicated on integers using Rcpp Sugar
dwrpnorm2Vectorized wrapped normal density function
findFactorsFind factors
gaussmapProduce a 'raster' of a random Gaussian process.
headingHeading between spatial points.
initiateAgents'SELES' - Initiate agents
inRangeTest whether a number lies within range '[a,b]'
matchedPointDirectionCalculate matched point directions
middlePixelReturn the (approximate) middle pixel on a raster
patchSizePatch size
pkgEnvThe '' package environment
randomPolygonsProduce a 'RasterLayer' of random polygons
randomStudyAreaCreate default study areas for use with 'SpaDES' modules
rasterizeReduceConvert reduced representation to full raster
rcpp-extrasRcpp Sugar version of runif
resampleAdapted directly from the 'sample' help file.
ringsIdentifies all cells within a ring around the focal cells
SELESagentLocation'SELES' - Agent Location at initiation
SELESnumAgentsSELES - Number of Agents to initiate
SELESprobInit'SELES' - Probability of Initiation
SELEStransitions'SELES' - Transitioning to next time step overview of the '' package
specnumperpatch-probsInitiate a specific number of agents in a map of patches
splitRasterSplit and re-merge RasterLayer(s)
spokesIdentify outward radiating spokes from initial points
spreadSimulate a spread process on a landscape.
spread2Simulate a contagious spread process on a landscape, with...
spread2-internalsInternal helper
spread3An alternative spread function - conceived for insects
testEquivalentMetadataTest that metadata of 2 or more objects is the same
wrapWrap coordinates or pixels in a torus-like fashion
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