Man pages for PredictiveEcology/pemisc
Miscellaneous Utilities Developed by the Predictive Ecology Group

createPrjFileCreate a '.prj' file
defineFlammableDefine flammability map
dot-cleanLandWebStudyAreaClean up the LandWeb study area from David Andison
equivalentNameReturn equivalent name from a 'data.frame' of equivalencies
factorValues2Faster version of 'factorValues'
getLocalArgsForFind sources for arguments in arbitrary function(s)
identifyVectorArgsIdentify the source for arguments passed to an arbitrary...
knnLoadFunLoad kNN species data
loadkNNSpeciesLayersFunction to load kNN species layers from online data...
makeForkClusterRandom'makeForkCluster' with random seed set
makeOptimalClusterCreate a parallel Fork cluster, if useful
makeVegTypeMapMake a vegetation type map from a stack of species abundances
Map2'Map' and 'parallel::clusterMap' together
MapOrDoCall'Map'/'lapply' all in one
optimalClusterNumDetermine the number of nodes to use in a new cluster
overlayStacksOverlay layers within raster stacks
pemisc-package'pemisc' package
polygonCleanDo an arbitrary set of operations on a polygon
prepInputsLCCSimple prepInputs for LCC2005 or LCC2010
rasterToMatchExtract or create a raster to match
speciesTableDownload and prepare a species traits table for use with LBMR...
sumRastersBySpeciesFunction to sum rasters of species layers
toSentenceCaseConvert a character string to sentence case
vegTypeMapGeneratorGenerate vegetation type map
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