Man pages for PriceLab/TrenaViz

addEventHandlersadd shiny event handlers
BindingSitesManagerimport shiny
createAppCreate a runnable shiny app
createMotifModelBuilderPagecreate and return the control-rich UI
createPagecreate and return the control-rich UI
createServerCreate the shiny server
createUICreate the user interface
displayPagedisplay the page
FimoModelWidgetCreate an FimoModelWidget object
GeneGeneExpressionPlotterimport shiny
matchMotifInSequencerun the MultiMethodMotifMatcher
ModuleExampleimport shiny
MotifsInRegionsBuilderimport shiny
MultiMethodMotifMatcherimport trena import motifmatchr import universalmotif import...
NetworkViewimport shiny import cyjShiny import TrenaProject import graph
removeLogosremove the image
renderLogosshow the control-rich UI
setGenesspecify the pair of genes, typically a TF and a targetGene
setGenomespecity the genome build: hg38, mm10, ...
setGenomicRegionspecify the one or more genomic regions in which to look for...
setMatrixForPlottingspecity the expression matrix
setOrganismspecity the organism: Hsapiens, Mmusculus, ...
setRegulatoryRegionsareas of (currently) open chromatin
setTargetGenesupply the name of the regulated gene
setTFspecity the tf (transcription factor) to work on
setTrenaProjectsupply tissue-specific data
standardizeMotifMatchedTablestandardize motif-matched regions from footprint databases...
TrenaVizCreate an TrenaViz object
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