Man pages for PuttickMacroevolution/cladeMode
nested modes of evolution

ACDC.priorACDC.prior function from Geiger
aiccaicc function
aiccWeightaicc weight function
arbutusarbutus modified function from arbutus
BranchingTimesFossilBranchingTimesFossil function from Graham Slater
cladeModeAnalyse nested modes of evolution
cladeModeNodeAnalyse nested modes of evolution - internal function
cladeModeSimSimulate nested modes of evolution
ebSubCladeRescale phylogeny with early burst values
ebSubClade_rescaleRescale phylogeny with early burst values
findNodesfindNodes function
getNodesgetNodes function
make_unit_tree.phylomake_unit_tree.phylo function from arbutus
monoCladeidentify nodes of a monophyletic clade
ouMatrixouMatrix function from Graham Slater
OUtreerateClade function
phyICindependent contrasts calculation
phylogMeanphylogMean function from Graham Slater
rateCladerateClade function
reScalePhyloreScalePhylo function
rescalePICrescalePIC function
subCladesubClade function
treeSimToApeconvert treeSim to APE
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