Man pages for QTCAT/iqtcat
Interaction Quantitative Trait Cluster Association Test

addScanAdditive ANOVA genome scan
epiScanEpistatic ANOVA genome scan
iClaransA Clustering Algorithm based on Randomized Search with...
iDistCorCorrelation distance interactions
iIdenticalsInternal function
iqtcatClustA three step Clustering Algorithm correlation distance
iqtcatInxIndex of inteacting loci
iqtcat-packageIntercation quantitative trait cluster association test
iSinglTestsA two marker interaction ANOVA
plot.addScanPlot of significance of marker-phenotype association.
plot.epiScanPlot of significance of (marker by marker)-phenotype...
singleTestsSingle marker ANOVA
test.iInxTest index of inteacting markers
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