Man pages for R4EPI/sitrep
Report templates and helper functions for EPI

add_weightsAdd a column of weights to a data frame
age_categoriesCreate an age group variable
attack_rateRates and Ratios
available_sitrep_templatesDisplay the available sitrep templates
check_sitrep_templatesRun the templates found in the sitrep package.
descriptiveProduces counts with respective proportions from specified...
find_breaksAutomatically calculate breaks for a number
find_date_causeFind the first date beyond a cutoff in several columns
fmt_ciHelper to format confidence interval for text
fmt_countCounts and proportions inline
gen_polygonFake spatial data as polygons This function returns a polygon...
gen_populationGenerate population counts from estimated population age...
msf_dictMSF data dictionaries and dummy datasets
plot_age_pyramidPlot a population pyramid (age-sex) from a dataframe.
rename_redundantCosmetically relabel all columns that contains a certain...
sample_sizeCompute a sample size for a proportion (WIP)
sample_size_householdsTake a sample size of children and convert it to households...
stratify_zscoresStratifies z-scores by variables in the survey data
survey_ciprop_foreach_binary_variableCompute summary statistics for a list of binary variables
suvery_ciprobCompute summary statistics for a single binary variable
suvery_ciprob_stratifiedCompute stratified summary statistics for a binary variable
tabulate_surveyTabulate survey design objects by a categorical and another...
unite_ciUnite estimates and confidence intervals
univariate_analysisProduce risk ratios or odds ratios
zcurveCreate a curve comparing observed Z-scores to the WHO...
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