Man pages for RGLab/flowClust
Clustering for Flow Cytometry

BICExtract the BIC for a flowClust fit.
boxBox-Cox Transformation
densityGrid of Density Values for the Fitted t Mixture Model with...
dmvtDensity of the Multivariate t Distribution with Box-Cox...
dmvtmixDensity of the Multivariate t Mixture Distribution with...
flowClustRobust Model-based Clustering for Flow Cytometry
flowClust2PriorGenerate a prior specification based on a flowClust model...
flowClust.dengenerate the curve that reflects the tmixture fitting outcome
flowClust-packageClustering for Flow Cytometry
hist1-D Density Plot (Histogram) of Clustering Results
MapCluster Assignment Based on Clustering Results
miscellaneousVarious Functions for Retrieving Information from Clustering...
mkPriorGenerate a flowClust prior specification
peakMatchFunction to match peaks across samples
plot.flowClustScatterplot of Clustering Results
plot.flowCoreScatterplot / 1-D Density Plot of Filtering (Clustering)...
plot.flowDensContour or Image Plot of Clustering Results
plotPriorPlots a flowClust prior over some data.
rboxReverse Box-Cox Transformation
rituximabThe Rituximab Dataset
ruleOutliersShowing or Modifying the Rule used to Identify Outliers
show.flowClustShow Method for flowClust / tmixFilterResult Object
SimulateMixtureRandom Generation from a t Mixture Model with Box-Cox...
splitSplitting Data Based on Clustering Results
SubsetSubsetting Data Based on Clustering Results
summarySummary Method for flowClust Object
tmixFilterCreating Filters and Filtering Flow Cytometry Data
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