knotR - pleasing knot projections using Bezier curves


In this short article I introduce the knotR package, which creates two dimensional knot diagrams optimized for visual appearance.

The knotR package is a systematic R-centric suite of software for the creation of production-quality artwork of knot diagrams.


To install the current development version use devtools:


To install the CRAN version:


Package purpose

To create visually pleasing diagrams of knot projection using Bezier curves and optimization routines to maximize appearance-related objective functions.

Basic workflow

First, create an svg file in inkscape; many working examples provided in the inst/ directory, and detailed instructions provided in knotR-package.Rd.

Then use the knotoptim() function to smoothen the knot path, and to specify the details of the crossings. Many working examples provided in the inst/ directory.

Further information

For more detail, see the package vignette


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