Man pages for RobinHankin/knotR
Knot Diagrams using Bezier Curves

asConversions between various forms of a knot
badnessBadness of knots
bezierVarious functionality for Bezier curves
bezier_angleIntersection of two Bezier curves
bezier_find_lengthSolve for arclength
bezier_integralArcwise integrals over Bezier curves
crossingCrossing Metrics for knots
getstringpointsReturns the coordinates of a knot's path
head.inkscapeHead and tail methods for inkscape objects
knotoptimOptimization of knot appearance
knotplotPlotting of knots
knotR-packageKnot Diagrams using Bezier Curves
knotsOptimized knots
overunderFunctionality for specifying overstrands and understrands
readerReading and writing svg files
symmetrizeSymmetry and knots
utilitiesVarious utilities for knots
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