Man pages for Ronlee12355/dfbmd
Documented Functions of Bioinformatics during Master Degree

auroc_auprFunction to fetch score of AUROC and AUPR
comb_matrix_to_dfFunction to convert named matrix to colname-rowname dataframe
df_to_comb_matrixFunction to convert sepcific columns of a dataframe to a...
diagonal_zeroMake the element of a matrix's diagonal line into zero
KmeansRMy own kmeans with raw R codes
labelsLabel matrix of MLKNN
multi_rocPlot multiple ROC curves in one graph
olsLinear regression using ordinary least square
random_walkUsing random walk algorithm to predict drug-drug interaction...
similarityFeature matrix of MLKNN
specific_themeCode to change the axis of ggplot image
standard_errorStandard Error
volcanoPlotOutput volcano plot with ggplot2
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