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Moschidis example


The example dataset used by Odysseas E. Moschidis (2009):


Odysseas E. Moschidis


Moschidis, Odysseas E. “A Different Approach to Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) than That of Specific MCA.” Mathématiques et Sciences Humaines / Mathematics and Social Sciences 47, no. 186 (October 15, 2009): 77–88.


# The moschidis example
#active    <- moschidis[, c("E1","E2", "E3")]
#id        <- moschidis[, c("ID")]
# result    <- soc.mca(active, identifier = id, Moschidis = FALSE)

# Compare output to Moschidis (2009, p. 85)
# In the analysis of the 'real' data the modality
#'E1: 1' with a low mass (fr/Q) has a very high contribution to the fourth axis
#result$ctr.mod[, 4]

# Using the transformed model suggested by Moschidis (2009) that takes into
# account the number of modalities per question in order to balance the
# contribution of the modalities
#result_trans    <- soc.mca(active, identifier = id, Moschidis = TRUE)
#result_trans$ctr.mod[, 4]

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