Man pages for Rsoc/
Specific Correspondence Analysis for the Social Sciences

add.countAdd a new layer of points on top of an existing plot with... values to label
assign.labelAssign new labels
average.coordAverage coordinates
balanceContribution balance
contributionSummaries of contribution values
contribution.headingsContribution for headings
cowboy_cutCut ordinal variables
csa.measuresCSA measures
directorsDirectors dataset
exportExport results from
export.labelExports the labels of a object into a csv file.
extract_indExtract individuals
extract_modExtract categories
extract_supExtract supplementary categories
headingsCalculate contributions per heading
ind.explorerExplore the cloud of individuals
map.activeMap the active modalities
map.addAdd points to an existing map created by one of the
map.arrayArray of maps the base of a map
map.csa.allArray of several CSA maps
map.csa.mcaMap the coordinates of the individuals in a CSA and its MCA
map.csa.mca.arrayCSA-MCA array
map.ctrMap the most contributing modalities
map.densityDensity plot for the cloud of individuals
map.ellipseConcentration ellipses
map.ellipse.arrayEllipse array
map.indMap the individuals of a analysis
map.modMap all modalities
map.pathMap path along an ordered variable
map.selectMap select modalities and individuals
map.supMap the supplementary modalities
mca.eigen.checkMCA Eigenvalue check
min_cutCut a continuous variable into categories with a specified...
moschidisMoschidis example
pe13The Field of the Danish Power Elite
political_space97French Political Space example
print.soc.mcaPrint objects a package for specific correspondence analysis
soc.csaClass Specific Multiple Correspondence Analysis
soc.mcaSpecific Multiple Correspondence Analysis
tasteTaste dataset
to.MCAConvert to MCA class from FactoMineR
varianceVariance table
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