Man pages for SCAR/antanym
Antarctic Geographic Place Names

an_cache_directoryThe cache directory used by antanym
an_cga_metadataInformation about the Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica data...
an_feature_typesList feature types present in gazetteer data
an_filterFilter a collection of place names by various criteria
an_gazetteersThe place name gazetteers available
an_get_urlGet links to gazetteer entries
an_mapscaleCalculate approximate map scale
an_nearFind placenames near a given location
an_originsList the origins of place names present in gazetteer data
an_preferredFind one name per feature in the Composite Gazetteer
an_readLoad Antarctic place name data
an_suggestSuggest names for a map (experimental)
an_thinThin names to give approximately uniform spatial coverage
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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