Man pages for SWotherspoon/BAStag
Basic data processing for light based geolocation archival tags

BAStag-packageBAS tag data processing
crepuscularEditEdit crepuscular segments
driftAdjustClock Drift Adjustment
extractCrepuscularExtract crepuscular light segments
findChunk24Find extended periods of light or dark
findCrepuscularSearch for crepuscular light segments
findTwilightsSearch for twilight times
hoursHour Manipulation
imageDrawImage plot with twilights
intervalDataExtract auxiliary tag data
lightImageDisplay Light Data as an Image
mouseButtonMouse button identification
ndcClosestGraphics coordinate conversion
overlayTwilightResidualsOverlay data for path editing
pathEditAdjust a path
preprocessLightInteractively derive twilight
profileInitLight profile plot
readActRead Activity Data
readLigRead Light Data
readMTdegRead Temperature Data
readMTluxRead Light Data
readMTsstRead Temperature Data
readTem2Read Temperature Data
selectDataSelect data
selectionRectangleSelection rectangle
thresholdCalibrateLight Threshold Calibration
tsimageDisplay Tag Data as an Image
tsimagePlottsimage plot
twilightAdjustTwilight Adjustment
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