Man pages for Sage-Bionetworks/PythonEmbedInR
Use an embedded Python from Within R

autodetectPythonAutodetects the settings for Windows
BEGIN.PythonExecute Python interactively from within R
generateRdFilesGenerate .Rd files for Python classes and functions
generateRWrappersGenerate R wrappers for Python classes and functions
pyAttachAttach Python objects to R
pyCallCall a callable Python object from within R
pyConnectconnects R to Python
pyDictCreate a virtual Python dictionary
pyDirConvenience function to call the Python function *dir*
pyExecExecutes multiple lines of Python code from within R
pyExecfileExecutes Python source file from within R
pyExecgExecutes multiple lines of python code and gets the output
pyExecpExecutes a single line of Python code from within R
pyExitcloses the connection to Python
pyFunctioncreates a virtual Python function
pyGetGets Python objects by name and transforms them into R...
pyGet0Creates an R representation of an Python object
pyHelpConvenience function to access the Python *help* system
pyImportImport virtual Python objects to R
pyIsConnectedchecks if R is connected to Python
pyListCreates a virtual Python list
pyObjectCreates a virtual Python object
pyOptionsOptions for the PythonInR package
pyPrintConvenience function to print a given Python object to the R...
pySetassigns R objects to Python
pyTupleCreates a virtual Python tuple
pyTypeConvenience function to call the Python function *type*
pyVersionis a convenience function to get sys.version from Python
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